Following the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 Scottish National Riley Weekends, the 2022 SNRW will still be held as originally planned at the Moness Resort, in Aberfeldy, over the weekend of Friday 10th June to Sunday 12th June 2022.

  • Important guidance for those with hotel deposits held from 2020 is HERE.
  • Hotel rates for the Moness Resort 2022 are HERE.
  • Breakfast arrangements for residents are HERE.
  • Please note that although hotel deposits may have been held over from 2020, SNRW entries have not. 2022 is a new event, requiring different entry information from you so even if your hotel arrangements have been held over you still have to submit a new entry to the 2022 event.
  • The entry fee for the event will be £15, payable to the SRE on entering the weekend. For those who have already waived a refund of the entry fee in 2020, their entry fee will be carried over and there will be no further charge.
  • The gala dinner of £25pp and Sunday Lunch at the Moness of £15pp will be included in residents' final account with the hotel, or for non-residents payable directly to the Moness Resort on arrival. Please DO NOT send this money to the SRE.
  • The Gala Dinner and Sunday Lunch will be held outdoors in the Marquee with a seating plan and serving system compliant with Covid Regulations.


  • Friday 10th       ..  Arrivals, Socialising.
  • Saturday 11th   ..  A proposed visit to the workshops of  Milford Engineering at Kirkmichael, which may be limited in numbers; First come, First served. Also a selection of suggested runs. Gala Dinner at the Moness Marquee in the evening.( gala_dinner_menu )
  • Sunday 12th     ..  Entrant's voting for best Rileys. A.M. activity tba. Two course lunch ( sunday_lunch_menu )in the Moness Marquee . Prizegiving. Farewells.

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For help or enquiries please email

Entering the SNRW. However you intend to pay for your entry, BACS or cheque, Our banking details are in the 'Members Area' menu at the top of this page. It is not password protected. Please organise your accommodation for the weekend, download both the Gala Dinner and Sunday Lunch menus for the weekend and have every member of your party's menu choices to hand before proceeding.

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